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ERRV - Standby Rescue Services

  • Simultaneous operations

  • Share services area on ERRV duties

  • Rescue feature development with the Sealift Method which gives no weather limitation and no risk for own crew under training or SAR operations

  • ERRV UK (MCA), NL, DK and Norwegian guidelines/regulations

Subsea, Seabed, Windmill support

  • WROV

  • Survey - Seabed mapping o Boulder Clearance

  • Bubble curtain

  • Protection Mat installation

Crew Transfer

  • SPS class with large numbers of cabins/ beds

  • Walk to Work systems including Wind Mill Support

  • Daughter Craft solutions

Supply Services

  • All bulk capacities

  • Deck cargoes

  • Offshore Storage

Fire Fighthing

  • FiFi class I (heat protection)

  • FiFi class II (fire-fighting)


  • Seismic Support

  • Seabed seismic or towed seismic

AHT Activities

  • Rig moves – Pre lay

  • Heading control - towing

  • Tanker Assistance

  • Hose handling

  • Installation and/ or change out

Oil Recovery

  • Large system like NOFO

  • Single boat operation

Ice Management

  • Operation in winterized areas

  • Iceberg control – surveillance and management

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