Ocean Viking - PSV/ MRV/ ERRV

Purpose built with FiFi II, Oil Rec (NOFO), UK (group A) and Nor standby with large cargo capacities Low fuel consumption and SCR system

Ocean Viking.png

Sartor - PSV/ MRV/ ERRV/ IMR

Purpose built PSV/ ERRV/ MRV with DP II, FiFi II, Oil Rec (NOFO), UK/ Nor ERRV FRDC, large cargo capacities. DPII and HiPap

DSC03240 (1).jpg

Sar Loke - AHTS/ MRV/ ERRV

Multirole support vessel, 200 tons BP, ERRV, DP II, FiFi II, Oil Rec, azimuth thruster and upgraded for SAL handling and TAV. UK/ Nor ERRV duties including FRDC

DSC08039 (2).jpg


Medium size modern OSV with high station keeping and redundancy capacities. SPS 49 with 31 cabins DP II. Prepared for ERRV

2021 08 16 a.jpg

Nor Solan - AHTS/ MRV/ ERRV

No 1 of 4 new build AHTS/ Multirole support vessel with FiFi II, Oil Rec, Tow, DP II, ERRV, 22 cabins – 60 beds, all under deck, ERN 4 x 99 indep azimuth, prepared for Large Crane, A frame

Nor Solan.jpg

Sar Brage - PSV

Large size PSV with good station keeping, cargo capacities. Can be upgraded to act as MRV Low NOx machinery

Sar Brage1.JPG