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Hoyland Offshore is an Offshore Service Vessels supplier with focus on modern and flexible solutions serving the offshore industries world wide. Our activities are mainly concentrated on the markets in Europe but with activities both in South America and Africa regions for the past years.


Hoyland Offshore has very good performance praised by our clients. This has been achieved by a good work environment where all employees are in the focus. High focus on Health, Safety and Environment added to Quality throughout our organization has been key element in our success.

We target for low emission vessel as an ongoing activity and zero emission as a future target. We are committed to reducing our actual carbon emissions through investing in green technology, continuous operational improvements and supporting research into the next generation of fuels, lay outs, arrangements etc. We passionately believe that action to reduce global emissions needs to be taken today​

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From the Hoyland Offshore History

The m/v “Knut” was built in 1932 and was lost during “World War 2” carrying refugees from Norway to the Shetland Islands. This ocean going fishing vessel was built and owned by the Høyland family until it disappeared in 1942.

Knut Thomas 1867 - 1943​

MV Knut 1932.png

The m/v “Held” was an ocean going trawler built in 1949, she was sold in 1971. This picture of Nikolai Høyland was taken in the late 50’s in Steinsland Harbor.

Nikolai 1894 - 1967

MV Held.png

The ERRV m/v “Siljan” was our first owned and operated offshore service vessel. This picture of Nils Høyland Sr. was taken in 1976 when taking over the vessel after a major conversion.

Nils 1928 - 2016


The AHTS m/v “Ocean Sky” was the company’s first multifunctional vessel built for combined A/H, Towing, Escort, Stand-by/ Rescue, Oil Recovery, Fire Fighting (class II) and supply at Floating Production Sites. This picture of Karsten Høyland was taken in 1996 at the CCB when taking over the vessel after a major conversion. Karsten 1960

Karsten Ocean Sky.png


From 2018
Olsen Group become a major investor in the Hoyland Offshore as.

From 2010

The majority share of our main ship owning company Sartor Offshore AS was taken over by Øgreid and our company Hoyland Shipping AS (ex Sartor Shipping AS) maintained 30%. The new company Hoyland Offshore as was established by the Høyland family.

From 2008

We agreed to purchase Irish Mainport’s part of the J/V and within the end of 2009 we owned/operated 20 vessels.

From 2005

New J/V with the Irish company Mainport and thereby held part- or full ownerships in 26 offshore support vessels

From 2001

New J/V with Simon Møkster and Eidesvik. At this stage we held part ownerships in 27 offshore support vessels.

From 1995

New Joint Venture with the Rovde Group (later Siem). In the late 90’s we had eight vessels in operation.

From 1993

Back into fisheries together with the Olsen group by owning controlling part of one of the largest fishing

From 1988

Team Sartor AS, later Sartor Shipping AS, was established and the next generation Høyland took over the company.

From 1983

Our first AHTS and converted her to MRV and become a member of the Sea Rescue

From 1980

Out of the fisheries, operating in the North Sea with stand-by vessels and survey/seabed mapping services.

From 1976

The company’s first offshore vessel was put into service

Until 1976

The family owned and operated ocean going fishing/ coastal vessels throughout the 19th century

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